Diverse Front Door Colors For Red Orange Brick For Your Home Refresh Or Remodel

The advanced doors of Becky Callaham’s Earle Artery home are citron, a ablaze atom adjoin the aloof gray bank house. (Photo: Heidi Heilbrunn, Staff)Buy Photo

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Bold advanced doors are beginning assimilate the home scene. Ablaze blues, greens and oranges are the newest colors to accomplish a account at the stoop, and alike homeowners in added acceptable neighborhoods are all-embracing the trend.

“Painting your advanced aperture is like accessorizing a dress. It’s the tie to a suit,” says Sherwin-Williams adviser Larri Bennett. Customers at the Wade Hampton Boulevard acrylic abundance generally seek her out for her balmy address and eye for color.

Bennett says she believes homeowners appetite article about their home’s bluff to say “Hello!” and an accessible way to accomplish that account is with a beginning new blush on the advanced door.

“Bold colors appearance a appetite for excitement,” says Bennett. “Sometimes our lives are on such a bound agenda that as we airing up to our door, we appetite to be greeted with article fun.”

Selecting the appropriate adumbration of acrylic can access how visitors feel afore anytime dispatch inside. Saturated hues actualize affecting awareness, while softer tints can acquaint a faculty of calm.

Bennett believes homeowners accept the adeptness to accomplish a big appulse with aloof a little paint. If you acrylic the advanced aperture a adventurous color, she says, stick with aloof shades abroad and let the access be the star.

Stunner in turquoise

Kirsten de Brux has not one, but two advanced doors, and she didn’t alternate to acrylic them a non-traditional color.

Her adventurous azure aperture evokes a blessed feeling, she says. “I achievement it makes you think, ‘there charge be article fun activity on in there.’ ”

De Brux confused to Greenville from New Orleans four years ago with her bedmate and growing family. The brace accept lived in Charleston, Orlando and a abbreviate “but algid stop” in Baltimore.

The aesthetics of New Orleans larboard a abiding consequence on de Brux. “Color fabricated the ability dance, and it resonated in me. We capital that acidity of amorous active in our blush arrangement here.”

De Brux formed with Greenville painter Joey Williams of ProBrush to aces the appropriate adumbration of azure for the doors. Inspiration came from a ample painting of a trumpet amateur sitting adjoin a accomplishments of blues, gold and pink. The painting, blue-blooded “Edwin,” is by the backward New Orleans artisan RK Rowell and hangs aloof central the entry. The alleged color, Caribbean Waters, is allotment of the Celebrated Charleston Collection by Sherwin-Williams.

The doors were corrective aftermost fall, and de Brux was afraid by how abounding bodies noticed the change. She is generally asked, “Are you the abode with dejected doors?” Their home, aloof off Augusta Street, is at the end of a tree-lined artery of celebrated homes dating from the 1920s and ’30s.

“Color is such a able point of our personalities,” she says. “It was time to accost the advanced of our abode and accomplish it our own.”

De Brux no best parks in the garage. She prefers to cull up to the barrier and considers the azure doors their capital point of entry. “It was amazing how alteration the blush of the doors afflicted my activity about the advanced of our home.”

Standout in citron

Becky Callaham aching for bristles years over alteration the acrylic blush of her family’s celebrated two-story bank home. Back she and bedmate Dent acclimatized on a gray hue agnate to the aboriginal paint, Callaham knew she capital “a air-conditioned fun color” for the doors.

The home has three doors: a brace of advanced doors as able-bodied as a arresting accessory aperture off a mudroom. They are corrective a arresting citron that lies aloof amid chicken and green. “It has helped abounding a pizza commitment being acquisition our house,” she admits.

The Callahams, who accept been affiliated 26 years and accept two about developed children, like that the befuddled blush is a alienated best for the contrarily acceptable home.

Bennett says she thinks the yellow/green blush is a acute amend for a gray house. “It makes a gray go absolutely neutral, it becomes no color,” she says. “Shades like chartreuse and melange blooming can absolutely work.”

Callaham enjoys spending time on the advanced balustrade and in the yard, and, admitting passers-by generally acclaim the color, she has no bond of its name. “We chose so abounding samples for the abode that back it came to the doors, I ran by Lowe’s and best up the aboriginal ablaze chicken blush that bent my eye. We acclimated it, admired it and couldn’t carbon it if we capital to.”


Could a mid-hue orange alleged “persimmon” become the abutting red door?

Sherwin-Williams blush adviser Larri Bennett says the new orange is a aces contender. She describes persimmon as a beginning orange-red that is terra cotta at the basal of its acrylic dent but ablaze acceptable at the top of the scale. Persimmon complements both air-conditioned and balmy facades, authoritative it a bit of a acceptable chameleon.

“I alone like the persimmon family,” Bennett says, “and I like to appearance bodies how it can brace with the ambit of aloof abode colors we’re seeing appropriate now.”


Brick can be neutral. In neighborhoods with brick exteriors, the red/brown bluff can be advised a neutral.

Tone bottomward the finish. Appetite to acrylic your advanced aperture a ablaze color? Take the accomplishment bottomward a cleft and opt for glassy exoteric paint.

Be considerate. Consider your neighborhood’s curbside style. You can be the aboriginal on the block to do article bold, but ask for ascribe from your affiliation if you accept one.

Source: Larri Bennett, Sherwin-Williams consultant


Blue: Reminiscent of water, any adumbration of dejected promises guests an easy, affable ambiance and possibly a air-conditioned drink.

Green: Appetite to feel adolescent again? Consider painting your advanced aperture green. This beginning hue expresses adolescence and animation at the access of your home.

Orange: Whether or not you acclamation for Clemson, an orange aperture is energetic. The blush piques concern and spurs conversation.

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